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Budz Smoke Pelletz

100% Legal, Clean, Carbon-Neutral Fire Log

No Cannabis High

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BBQ Smoke Pellets  *****


The Hemp Log is specially formulated to use the biomass left after the hemp has been harvested and has No CBD. We only use all-natural materials with no chemicals or unneeded binding agents that can be detrimental to the earth. Our mission is a simple one but twofold - cut down on real wood deforestation and utilize carbon-neutral materials

  - Budz Smoke Pelletz - BBQ Smoker Pellets made with Hemp and other fine woods!  

We lead the industry in customer approval and strive to provide first-class service for everyone. Whether we’re working with individual customers or a company, we guarantee you’ll receive only the best quality products and service from us. Let us know what we can do to earn your business.

'Can't Get High on Our Supply'



San Bernardino, CA 92401, USA


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