How long does ?

        We've seen the full-size logs burn from 3 to 4 hours.


Do Budz Smoke Pelletz smell like marijuana when in use?


         No, we utilize post-process hemp stalk which is the remnant bio-mass that has been extracted of its CBD and               other essential oils.


Are Budz Smoke Pelletz legal in my state?

         Yes, there is no CBD or THC in our products and the 2018 Farm Bill states that Hemp can be produced, manufactured and sold.

Can I get high using Budz Smoke Pelletz when I cook with them?

        NO! You wish! :) Our pellets have no THC or CBD infused in them. Maybe in the future but it's not in the plans          at this time. 

What type of pellet grill do Budz Smoke Pelletz work with?


        Our smoke pellets are made to work with all major brands of pellet smokers including Traeger, GMG,